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Info on Assassin Rods

Tuesday, 22 January 2008 at 11:25
Can you please send me info on your Assassin rods. I fish in the U.A.A for King, Cobia, Grouper or any big fish I can catch. I need a rod that can cast a live bait at least 120 to 150 meters. if you could also inform me of reels that would be suitable for your rods.
The fish you mention are all big fish and strong rods and strong tackle are generally required.  Depending on the type of live bait that is used it is very difficult to throw something that is fairly big that kind of distance.  Here in South Africa we tend to use a non-return slide mechanism.  The technique is to cast out a 7 to 9 ounce grapnel type sinker that acts as an anchor.  Once you have cast this a suitable distance, you attach the trace with the live or dead bait to the line and it slides down into the water or surf.  If a wave tries to push it backwards it locks on the line and as the water moves forward it progresses forward again.  Because a lot of the fish that we hook using this technique are very big including large sharks, we use reels with big capacities.  One of the most popular being the Shimano Trinidad in the 30, 40 and 50 size.  We use braid as backing with 200 to 300 metres of about 50lb monofilament on top of that.  Generally the reels will take from 600 to 1000 metres.   With regard to the rods, I am sure you have seen them on the website and the one I would recommend would be the Heavy Assassin in High Modulus Graphite


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