At Last I Can Talk About It ( The New Assassin BeachMaster FSSC M-XL ) - 04 May 2012

 2015-09-02 04:05 PM by

It is always difficult trying to cap your enthusiasm when you are really excited about a new product that is not yet available in the market.  I have been fishing with a prototype of the above rod for some time now and besides a few close friends and one or two inquisitive fellow anglers, I have pretty much kept it to myself waiting for the rods to arrive.  At last they are here.

This is the very first 14’6 surf casting three-piece rod that has been designed very specifically for braid and fixed spool reels.  What has amazed me is the versatility of the rod.  Being deliberately slow from an action point of view and yet incredibly strong from a pulling power point of view.  Being Toray Graphite, the rod is extremely robust and can tolerate huge pulling pressure.   This means that this rod can be used for almost anything from Bronze Bream to Raggies and such likes.  It throws 5oz to 7oz perfectly, with 6oz being the optimum.  What a lot of people don’t understand is that this type of rod with its slow action can only really be used with one tip.  Anything softer or heavier is going to interfere with the curve.  The opposite is obviously true with the fast-action, multiplier type rods where the average rod can certainly accommodate a 2nd tip.  Three tips is an absolute waste.  I am yet to find a person who uses more than two tips and even those are fairly scarce on a multiplier rod.  This rod was designed very specifically with one tip.

Coffee grinders and braid is like chalk and cheese when comparing them to multipliers and monofilament.  The rods have to be totally different.   With multipliers and nylon the rods tend to be a lot more specific in terms of their application and they need to be fast-action.  These new slower-action rods are far more versatile and cover a much bigger range of applications.  This really is a “catch anything” kind of rod.  I have thrown from Bay Squid to Yellowtail heads with it and find that I favour this rod more than any other that I have.  It is not often in my life that I have wanted to go fishing just to be able to use a piece of equipment.  I have coupled this rod to the Shimano Bulls Eye which should be hitting our shores very soon.   The most amazing thing is the balance and the ease of use.  It is an incredibly comfortable rod to fish with.   The many hours that I have spent throwing lures with braid on spinning rods have taught me a lot about the action that one should look for in a rod.  in my opinion, this rod is pretty much as close as you are going to get to being perfect with the technology that is available today for surf casting with bait using a fixed spool reel.