Custom Rod Building:

Our Custom Rod Building department is a very significant component of our business, due mainly to the fact that we pride ourselves in the developments and innovations which have brought a new dimension to rod building, particularly in the rock and surf sector. It is after all, the birthplace of the world-famous Assassin rod series, which has revolutionized surf casting rods.

Custom-made Traces:

Our custom-made traces are made with the best possible components and using the latest knots and rig options for the target specie.  We believe that this is the vital link between yourself and landing your fish, therefore we apply the strictest quality control and do not compromise.  Trace-making can be a time consuming exercise.  We’d rather see you spending that time catching fish.

Bait Packages:

Due to the high quality and diversity of our bait, companies, groups, clubs and individuals, take advantage of our expertise in advising on what they will need and how much of it for wherever they are going. This we will pack into individual daily packages or group packages according to their needs. We regularly fly bait to customers in places like Namibia, Gauteng, Cape Town, Eastern Cape, etc.

Rod Repairs:

Rod repairs range from replacing guides, whipping and high-building, to complete strips right down to the blank and complete rebuilds. We make a "tired old rod" brand new!

Reel Repairs:

We specialize in repairs and services to the following brands: Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, K.P., Mitchell, Abu Garcia. We carry a significant complement of spares. It is a known fact that often a component or spare that cannot be obtained anywhere else, is quite often found at Basil Manning.